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1. tired

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2. wearied

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3. weary

Weary as an adjective means "very tired or worn out," like weary students who finished a long week of studying and taking tests.
[adjective] - very tired, esp. after hard work
and eventually, as news bulletins and headlines subside, a weary resignation.
including her weary sister Virginia slumped in a chair,
znużony, zmęczony, wyczerpany

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4. tire of

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5. fatigued

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sprawdzone potwierdzone
unpleasant feelings
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6. jiggered

Get your jiggered car out of my drive-way!

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7. tried

He tried to convince me.
He was tried and convicted for murder.

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8. exhausted

Exhausted men sat down to rest by the way, and failed to get up.

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9. fed up

What’s the matter? You look really fed up. I’m fed up with waiting for the phone to ring. When I get fed up of studying, I play my guitar.
You look fed up. What's the metter?
annoyed or bored because you have done something for too long
says that he got fed up with what he calls "degrading kindness"
to be fed up with sth

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