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1. task

it was a difficult task
it's a difficult task
like your family would be up to the task.
piece of work to be done
you are eager to take up this task.

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2. assignment

Your homework assignment is to write an essay on John Milton. We have several reading assignments to complete before the end of term.
[noun] - a piece of work given to somebody, typically as part of their studies or job
a long essay, often part of a course, usually thousands of words
to complete assignments
written assignment

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3. errand

I had important morning errands.
I have some errands that I have to run for my boss.
I have to run some errands tomorrow.
I'll meet you at six, I've got some errands to do first.
The caption read: 'This is how I'm running errands from now on.' DeGeneres took to Twitter to insist she is not racist, telling her fans: 'I am highly aware of the racism that exists in our country

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4. quest

Nothing will ​stop them in ​their quest for ​truth.
[noun] - a long search for sth that isn't easy to find
in my quest to becoming a millionaire
the quest for a reliable vaccine
the quest for happiness/knowledge/truth

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5. demand

growing demand for...
the need that people have for particular goods and services
to demand

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