słownik polski - angielski

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po angielsku:

1. view

view from the window, view into the gorge
view of the mountains
“It’s just laziness” is her view on the whole homosexuality issue.

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Callan stage 9
Świat przyrody
U 13 - cz. 1
Rozdzial 2, słówka angielski

2. sight

not a pretty sight
out of sight

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unit 6-10KURWA
difficult words
New Matura Succes Unit 5

3. vista

I took a picture of a beautiful vista of the coast.
She turned her gaze towards the soothing vista of river and fields.
The information, at first, had seemed to open up new vistas.
This is what's called a scenic vista.
While hiking through the mountains, I frequently stopped to admire the vista of snow-capped mountain peaks.

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My road trip

4. landscape

We went to an exhibition of Paul Gunn’s most recent landscapes.
We were amazed at the beauty of the Scottish landscape.
We were amazed at the colours of the sand and rocks in the desert landscape.
What a beautiful landscape!

5. sighting

There are many sightings of UFOs every year.
These sightings are evidence and not proof.

FCE Unit 9 - part 1

6. overlooking

The balcony was overlooking the sea.
The window in the room overlooks the sea.
a balcony overlooking the sea

unit 2 part 1

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