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po angielsku:

1. Stubborn

I don't like stubborn people, they think they are the best

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Słownictwo maturalne "CZŁOWIEK"
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2. obstinate

Teenagers may get very obstinate when it comes to defending their 'rights'.
The coach suggested improvements Sarah might make on the balance beam, but she remained obstinate, unwilling to modify any of the habits that made her successful in the past.
[adjective] - unreasonably determined, especially to act in a particular way and refuse to listen to arguments
her obstinate determination to pursue a career in radio

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Człowiek, matura podstawowa

3. mulish

Don't even try to persuade him to change his plans - he is way too mulish.

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4. pigheaded

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5. opinionated

While my husband tends to be mild and quiet, I am loud and opinionated

Thinking and learning
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6. headstrong

Alex was too headstrong, maybe Alexis can be softer.
I've never met such a headstrong person before.
Mary is headstrong -she never gives up until she reaches her goal

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7. bullish

In interviews he has seem bullish at the prospect of building a top-notch club that can challenge the MLF history.
She's being very bullish about the firm's future
[adjective] - confident and optimistic

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