słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. caring

She assisted her mother in caring for the baby
You're the most caring person in the world.
a caring and invaluable friend / the caring professions
he's such a warm and CARING man

książka z technikum
English File Intermediate
unit 5 - człowiek
Człowiek longman
Longman B2 Bank słów: człowiek, dom

2. considerate

considerate men
considerate person
e.g. Sara is always polite and considerate of other people's feelings, which is why everyone likes her.
taktowny, liczący się z innymi, uprzejmy
znacząca odległość

1.1 Appearance and personality (B2-C1)
unit 1 czlowiek
Angielski Szkoła 1
HR Management
Character traits

3. thoughtful

What are you so thoughtful about?
[adjective] - kind and always thinking about what other people want or need
how very thoughtful of you! / her work is thoughtful and provocative
it is thoughtful of somebody to do something

New Matura Succes Unit 4
angielski unit 4
Olive Green A1-B1
Leksyka przymiotniki
fajny tescjdidddd

4. attentive

an attentive student
dikkatli, dikkatle
never before had she had such an attentive audience / the hotel has a pleasant atmosphere and attentive service
przykład ze słówkiem
uważny, paying close attention to something

życie i relacje międzyludzkie

5. friendly