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po angielsku:

1. sage

I'll light some sage. That should keep him calm.
Sage’s cicatrisant property helps eliminate scars, post-natal crack marks and after-spots left by boils and pox. This also helps in quick healing of wounds and incisions.
[noun] - a person, especially an old man, who is wise
after his mother died, paul suffered a complete nervous breakdown

książka z technikum cz. 2
Speakout advance
podrozowanie i kultura
Kultura Longman podstawa
Unit 8 "Kultura"

2. scene

The urban music scene is rich in young talented personalities.
This is my faovurite scene in the movie.
What's it like to be on stage and talk to hundreds of people?
the place where an accident, crime etc happened
the scene of the accident/attack/crime

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3000 słów angielskich (cz.2)
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Callan new 8 stage lesson 112-113
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