słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. throw

he threw the boll in my direction.
throw the ball
throw/ threw/ thrown

English File Intermediate
1000 niezbędnych słów po angielsku
50 lekcja z Rafałem - słownictwo angielsko-polskie...
moje słowka 2
biuro, budynki, cechy, cialo, czas, czasowniki

2. throw threw throw

Nieregularne wszystkie
czasowniki nieregularne
Sky High poprawione
ang pol zestaw 2

3. cast

rzucić, zrzucić
she had a somewhat masculine cast of countenance
the close-set cast of her features
the entire cast of 'Les Miserables'

IELTS - slowka
9. KULTURA-poziom podstawowy
Czasowniki - cz I
irregural werbs
Module 9, 10

4. flung

ciskać, rzucać
rzucać, ciskać
rzucić, cisnąć

czasowniki nieregularne, forma II
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5. give up

stop doing sth/Never give up learning English!
to stop trying to think of the answer to a joke or question
vazgeçmek, pes etmek
zaniechać, porzucać,

unit 3 monika
Zdrowie matura podstawowa
People - module 1

6. chuck

I chucked my job yersteday
In fact, the next time I see it, I’m going to chuck it in the bin.
Marcel still chuckling impishly under one arm.
Tania chucked her bag down on the sofa.
someone chucked a brick through the window

kartkówka 8,9
CAE 551 - 575

7. toss

They have to toss pankcakes.
They tossed a coin to decide who should go to the shop
They tossed a coin to decide who should go to the shop.
With that, Kelsier reached over and tossed his pack onto the earth before Tepper's table.
toss the salad or a bag

Bridge of Spies
Voices 2 Student's Book - Unit 6
lekcja z podręcznika str. 70 tekst
How I trained my husband

8. cast cast cast

Enterprise początek

9. dump

The loose bad slumped to the side, dumping an array of foods to the ground
if you refer to a place as a dump, you mean it is very dirty, untidy, or in a bad condition
  "Ron hasn't put all his new things in his trunk yet," said Percy, in a long-suffering voice. "He's dumped them on my bed."

unit 1 lesson 2
D czasowniki

10. drop

i'm dropping...

matura Masters Pre-intermediate, MACMILLAN