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po angielsku:

1. terrified

Yossi tried to sleep but he felt terrified.

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2. frightened

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3. horrified

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4. petrified

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5. frightened of

Are you frightened of heights?
I’m terrified of dogs.
We're often frightened of sharks.

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6. appalled

I was appalled by what I saw.
I was appalled by what I saw. When I heard what had happened I was absolutely appalled.

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7. aghast

Erica looked at him aghast.
Struck by shock, terror, or amazement
Tom murmured some inaudible word. He was not sure whether to be elated or aghast
We were all aghast at the verdict.

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8. terrified of

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9. dismayed

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10. dreaded

After the presentation
After the test, there’s the dreaded interview stage.
Did I hear the dreaded word ‘homework’?
He was scared by these dreaded words.
My dreaded aunt is coming to visit us this weekend.

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