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1. recipe

książka z technikum
Kurs Angielskiego 1-573
English lessons
Human nature
Zywienie gosek

2. regulation

Regulation is the act of controlling, or a law, rule or order. An example of a regulation is the control over the sale of tobacco. An example of a regulation is a law that prevents alcohol from being sold in certain places.
The correct procedure is laid down in the rules and regulations.
[noun] - a law or rule that controls something
official rule
rozporządzenie, przepis

słówka 27.11-03.12
9.7 holiday advice on travelling abroad
Sport wyczynowy

3. rule

rządzić. panować
world ruled by men

matura1, unit 2, unit3, matura2
unit 2 + Get ready for matura 1

4. formula

I can't remember one mathematical formula I learnt in school
The normal relationship between the dimensions of the rise and going is that twice the rise plus the going (2R+G) should be between 550mm and 700mm.
They feed her a special polar bear formula.
What is the formula for the circumference of a circle?
przykład ze słówkiem

5. provision

The provision gets here every Monday
The provisions of the Agreement shall prevail over the provision of these general conditions.
You should be familiar with all the provisions of the contract you are just about to sign.
the provision of water
to make provision for the future / we’ve made provision for all eventualities

legal english cz.1