słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. admire

ed maje
edmajer/////////I've always admired you
to ​find someone or something ​attractive and ​pleasant to ​look at]
you have to admire her skilful management of the situation

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2. loo up to

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3. look up to sb

Kate has always looked up to her mother
Kate has always looked up to her mother.
Young children often look up to their older brothers and sisters and want to be like them when they grow up.
Young children usually look up to their parents.

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4. Look up

do you often look up words in your dictionary?
look for an address, name, word, etc. in a book, list, etc.
look for an address, name, word, etc. in a book, list, etc./I takes time to look up new vocabulary words.
look up a phone number, word
sprawdzać, szukać

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5. look up to somebody

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6. marvel

We paused to marvel at the view. [+ that] I often marvel that humans can treat each other so badly.
an engineering marvel; the marvels of nature/technology
both admire and marvel can mean a similar thing. However, we often use marvel when we are surprised, and we use admire to show our respect for someone.
it was a marvel to behold
they have seen, or read about, some marvel of nature

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