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po angielsku:

1. sure

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2. Certain

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3. confident

przykład ze słówkiem
self-confident, You need to be more self-confident if you want to become successful
self-confident, You need to be more self-confident if you want to become successful, Confidentiality Agreement
she was a confident, outgoing girl
to be confident of success. You should feel confident about your own abilities. Dillon has a very confident manner.

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4. secure

We felt secure when we sailed our yacht safely into the harbour.
e.g. Now that you’ve locked all the doors, the house is totally secure.
pewny, bezpieczny
secure the shelf to the wall

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5. certain about

Phrasal verbs

6. certain of

preposition A-C
Adjective + preposition (2)

7. definite

There has been a definite improvement in her behaviour.
This book will be a definite bestseller.
This is a time for definite changes in your life.
This is, a time, for definite changes, in your life.
Vertical lines create an illusion of height and are strong, dominant and definite.