słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. shelf

There are some bananas on the shelf.
When you finish reading, please put this book back to the bookshelf.
it has four big shelves
on the shelf

Najważniejsze słówka - 2000 Frekwencyjne
książka z technikum
direct english 3
lekcja 27, do 48 włacznie
Callan new 8 stage lesson 112-113

2. ledge

"Man on a Ledge"
She put the vase of flowers on the window ledge.
The climber fell but luckily landed on a ledge where the rescue team could reach him.
Witnesses saw her climb onto the ledge
sitting ledge

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3. Rack

Dave doesn't care what women look like, so long as they have a great rack.
Every store in town had a rack of books about the ghosts.
Please, help me to move this rack.
a wine/plate/CD rack
drying rack

3&4 rozdział 2kl. sprawdzian
Public transport

4. bookshelf

I've finished reading Harry Potter and put it on the bookshelf
My school books are on the bookshelf in my bedroom.

repetytorium maturalne 2015 macmillan DOM
Hello Tiger - Unit 1

5. shelve

Can you shelve this book?
Quentin Tarantino shelves western The Hateful Eight after script leak
odłożyć w czasie

Speak Out Unit 8

6. flange

The flange around the wheels on railway trains helps to keep them on the rails.