słownik polski - angielski

język polski - English


po angielsku:

1. sharp

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2. acute

acute shortage acute sense of smell acute mind
acute shortage-dotkliwy niedobór, acute sense of smell-czuły węch, acute mind-bystry umysł acute angle-kąt ostry
an acute ear infection
an acute ear infection; acute shortage
to feel an acute pain

IELTS - slowka
wheel of time
Dodatkowe słownictwo
Speakout advance
angielski II

3. hot

hot sauce

Unit 6 żywność macmillan
Rozdział 6 słowka
Zywienie gosek
longman repetytorium podstawowe, dział VI - żywienie
Unit 6 Żywienie podstawa

4. spicy

Unit 6 "Żywienie, zakupy i usługi"
Angielski jedzenie
6 dział Żywienie
Unit 6 - Żywienie, Zakupy i Usługi
general food

5. keen

They were very keen to ​start ​work as ​soon as ​possible.
a keen golfer
bank was keen to build long term customer thrust.
keen on something
to be keen on doing sth

Matura - słówka
działy 15-18
Październik 1
Foot in the Sands of Time
words of familiar meaning - adj

6. severe

severe attack of asthma
severe judgement, sentence
srogi surowy
the damage is not too severe

New English File - część 1.

7. crash

The waves come crashing down on the rocks around the house.
We heard a loud crash.
We saw a car crash in our street, but nobody was hurt.
e.g. Everybody jumped when the dishes crashed to the floor.

express publishing mautra 6
jedzenie + pare różnych
food - jedzenie
Express Publishing - poziom rozszerzony (unit 6)

8. strident

They became very strident in their criticism of government economic policy.
[adjective] - expressing or expressed in forceful language that does not try to avoid upsetting other people
natarczywy, ostry
strident criticism
strident criticism; a strident opponent of European union

The Great Gatsby
l68b stanag 6001

9. pointed

He pointed towards the house.
He's got a long, pointed chin.
He's got funny little pointed ears.
pointed stick

10. mature

e.g. In a few short years, she matured into a strikingly attractive young woman.
mae czuuur///////////////Pete's very mature for his age
she is very mature for her age
she is very mature for his age

temat żywienie, zakupy i usługi
Oxford Matura, Bank słów, 7. Żywienie -Owoce morza...
7 żywienie 2

11. shrill

A shrill voice was laughing, the woman was screaming, and Harry knew no more.
Despite their small size, crickets make very shrill noises.
She screamed with a shrill voice when she saw the mouse in the kitchen.

12. strong

tłumaczenie przykładu ze słówkiem
zdecydowany /stron majndyd/

Vocaublary 6b