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1. vacuum cleaner

If you have an allergy you should buy a vacuum cleaner with a water filter.
This vacuum cleaner must be broken, it won't suck up dust.
to vacuum, hoover

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2. hover

The number of boys in the kindergarten hovers around 70
The number of boys in the kindergarten hovers around 70.
Their total world sales hover around the 50,000,000 mark.
When a bird flaps its wings it the air and stays in one place, this is an example of hover.
she hovered between life and deatch

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3. vacuum

Vacuum (up) the cake crumbs, would you?
We don't work in a vacuum. We need teamwork to make this done.
We need to create a vacuum inside the vessel. It's not an easy thing to do.
to disinfect to clean something using chemicals or vacuum to kill or remove bacteria. vacuum = hoover.

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