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1. messy

przykład ze słówkiem
so I don't have to get involved in these messy, emotional entanglements.
untidy British English not neat – used about people, places, clothes, hair etc: His bedroom was always untidy. My Dad is very untidy.
untidy or dirty
your room is messy

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2. untidy

Jim is very untidy – his bedroom is a mess.
Jim is very untidy – his bedroom is a real mess.
Sophie’s house is always untidy because she doesn’t have time to tidy it.
This room is very untidy.

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Słówka z czytanek
do kartkówki, ang. podst. słówka
Korki 18.10.12r
adjecive prefix un

3. Scruffy

a scruffy old pair of jeans
dressed in scruffy old clothes to clean out the garage
it's scruffy footwear that implies you won't take in pride in your work.
scruffy jeans I don't like to look scruffy.
scruffy pair of jeans/flat/boy

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Człowiek 03: APPEARANCE
Człowiek 03: APPEARANCE
11. Appearance

4. sloppy

I couldn't read the note because of your sloppy handwriting.
Patients shouldn’t have to try and read a doctor’s sloppy writing.
Paul's so sloppy - he always spills something on the floor.
She always criticises her husband for being sloppy.
[adjective] - expressing feelings of love in a way that is silly or embarrassing

character & personality

5. slovenly

He grew lazy and slovenly in his habits.
I'll have to improve my slovenly habits - my mother's coming to stay.
[adjective] - untidy and dirty

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6. tatty

He turned up wearing a pair of tatty old jeans.
a tatty shirt/paif of jeans/suitcase/carpet/book
wyświechtany, sfatygowany

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