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1. stir

Tom is stirring his coffee / Stir the soup until it boils
e.g. The crowd was stirred to action by his rousing speech.
np. łyżką)
stir until salt is dissolved
to deliberately cause problems

Dome / House
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2. MIX

There was an odd mix of people at Patrick's party.
To mix with
To replace with
Why isn't it wise to mix business with pleasure?

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3. mix up

(separable): cause to become confused: "I didn't complete the assignment because I didn't know how. The directions mixed me up."
Definition a mix-up is a mistake that is the result of confusion in the way something has been arranged
You have to mix up these ingredients.
pomylić (f)

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4. mingle

Her tears mingled with the blood on her face.
John mingled with many guests at the party at my place.

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5. blend

I therefore believe that it is a good blend of European democracy.
New words formed by putting together parts of existing words are known as blends or portmanteau words.
The dish is a delicious blend of sharp and sweet flavours.
The most important thing about it is blending it well into your skin.
mix different foods, styles, qualities together in a way that is attractive or effective

6. agitate

Dennis needs help to go to the toilet, but with no help being offered from the staff member, he may become agitated and upset as he feels uncomfortable and helpless.

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7. stirred

8. intermingle

Fact is intermingled with fiction throughout the book.
In her short stories, science fiction and romance intermingle.

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